About Me




Kathy's stories entertain, while gently teaching

  • creativity
  • an interest in science
  • concern for the environment
  • relationship skills
  • mind over muscle
  • tolerance for differing cultures
  • empathy for the less fortunate
  • listening skills
  • a love of music
  • and a love of story

Programs include but are not limited to:

Nature Stories - Stories of the outdoors. Mother Nature explanation tales (i.e. Why the Skunk Stinks. Why the Dipper Bobs) are a specialty.

Just for Fun -Audience-tested favorites.

Multicultural Stories - Stories to gently promote tolerance and an interest in diverse cultures.

Oregon My Oregon - Real and imagined tales of Oregon State, including Paul Bunyan's logger stories, and an oral history encounter with Nez Perce Chief Joseph.

Greek Myths - Love, revenge, monsters, heroes & heroines. Stories of Atalanta, Perseus, and Demeter. Rewritten for our time, with catchy songs.

Student Workshops - Storytelling workshops for teachers and for children in storytelling and presentation skills.

To China, in Search of Stories – In 2010 Kathy travelled to China with the storytelling duo Eth-noh-tec, their destination a tiny village called “The Village of Stories”. The photo and story presentation on this trip is recommended for grade 3-adult audiences.
Programs can be taylor-made for theme and the age of the listeners.

Tales of Mother Nature by Kathy Hunter $15

Tales of Mother Nature
Four Greek Tales - Mythadventures with Kathy Hunter $15

Four Greek Tales
Why the Skunk Stinks, and Other Nature Stories for Children $15

Why the Skunk Stinks
Rowf! Songs and Tales from Many Cultures $15