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Tales From Mother Nature - New CD!

"I have to say that it is VERY well done. Technically it is superb. I am not usually a fan of sound effects and this worked, I think because it was consistent. It blended well, and not at all corny or popping out. The effects were PART of the stories. Loved it. Well done. Your voice is great. Your delivery is perfect. To me, it is so laid back it makes the best bedtime CD I have listened to. It is so calm, and full. None of the dramatics which I do which keep kids from falling asleep. I could learn from you."
--Storyteller, voice talent and educator Simon Brooks (diamondscree.com)

We were visiting our grandchildren, aged 5 and 6 in California, and were traveling in the car. We put Tales of Mother Nature on the CD player and when we arrived at our destination the boys were so engrossed they didn't want to get out. The adults were enjoying it, too.
--Heather Tyreman, Bronze Antler B&B

Thanks again, Kathy! Great show. Hope we can do more soon.
--James Monteith, Executive Director Wallowology, Joseph,OR

What a treat to have you spend the day with us!  You are a talented lady! My kids love to listen to your stories. They always ask if they can listen to the CDs when it is time for SSR or Reading.
--Jinny Martin, Troy School

Thank you so much for sharing your storytelling talent with our group Tuesday night.  The crowd and noise were far greater than expected but you seemed to have the audience ..captivated.  The storytelling greatly enhanced our success!
--Anne and Angie with Building Healthy Families

"What talent! There is no better emissary for the world of story. My little boy prefers her stories to all others. All ages respond to Kathy's stories. She combines wit, dramatic ability and pizzazz in her performances. Her CD is one of my son's favorites."
Amy Minato, Education Programs Coordinator, Fishtrap, Inc.

“Kathy Hunter is awesome. The kids are spellbound; she has the ability to hold their attention in the palm of her hand.”
—Marcie Sheehy, Librarian, Wallowa Elementary, Wallowa, OR

Kathy's stories can be downloaded from Tales2Go, which recently won a PTPA (parent tested, parent approved) Media Award for excellence in family products, and earned kudos from Parents Magazine, who included it in their "goody bag" of new and hot products.