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About Kathy Hunter

Kathy is known for original stories or reinterpreted folktales that feature humor and stick-in-your-head songs. Her venues for performance have ranged from auditoriums to campfires and her audience from the 200 children at an assembly to the 9 students of tiny Troy, OR.

Kathy Hunter loves to entertain. Following a long writing career in Alaska, enlivened by an interest in music and community theater, she has combined all her talents in storytelling. After retiring to Wallowa County in Eastern Oregon, she found an active supporter in the writers' nonprofit organization Fishtrap. For fifteen years, Kathy produced Fishtrap Storytime, a weekly show on radio KWVR in Enterprise, where she featured the best tellers she could find. Her own stories are aired on radio stations from Spokane to Honolulu.


Kathy is a member of the National Storytelling Network and is listed by the Oregon Library Association in their Showcase of Performers. Working through the Artist/Author in the Schools programs, and the Wallowa County Cultural Trust she performs and provides workshops in creative writing and storytelling skills. Her stories can be downloaded at Tales2Go. Her four CDs Tales of Mother Nature, Why the Skunk Stinks (and other Nature Stories for Children), ROWF! (Stories and Tales from Many Cultures), and Four Greek Tales (Myth-adventures with Kathy Hunter), are available locally, from the author, or from CDBaby.com.

Listeners' Comments

"I want to thank you for the CDs..my middle son is studying Greek Mythology at School and he loved them!  You are very talented and we appreciate you sharing with us!"

Dr. Matt Clegg, Endodontist

"..a great thank you for the CD.  Josie absolutely loves to listen to it every time we are in the car. Her favorite Mother Nature story is BEST MOTHER, but she loves them all and has memorized many phrases in the stories."

Sandy Chapin

"I am a fan, a BIG FAN.  WOW!  We listened to Tales of Mother Nature by the star Kathleen Hunter while driving west in Southern Idaho in July.  It was so much fun."

Craig Humphrey, retired


"My girls love your stories!  My oldest especially adores Mama, I want a Trumpet and Atalanta is a family favorite :) Thank you for your stories and your longstanding partnership with Tales2Go."
—Tracey Weil, Co-Founder, Tales2Go

"Both my daughters (8 & 5) love the new CD Tales of Mother Nature and ask to listen to it all the time."
—Lynne Curry Writer, cookbook author, chef

"My son loves the vulture story with the song 'Dead, Dead.'  We put other words to the tune and sing them all the time, like 'Bed, Bed, I've gotta go to bed.'" —Karly Rose, Mother and Cosmetician

"I discover and use storytellers from all over the world for my radio program Story-Lovers World! yet I keep coming back to Kathy again and again, not only for the joy and spontaneity in her telling, but also for the cleverness and depth of her stories that illuminate so many of our contemporary concerns in a way that's enjoyable and fun from beginning to end. You can't get much better than that!" —Jackie Baldwin, Story-Lovers World!

"I was mesmerized." —Lauren Bienkowski, Northhampton, MA. Children's Crisis Counselor

"It was so fabulous and she was so theatrical. I loved the flexibility/range of her voice, how she could make so many sounds. She was just lovely. She was right up a kid's alley." —Charlotte Adamson, parent, Homer, AK

"You are a wonderful storyteller." —Rebecca Cohen, Newport Librarian, Newport, OR.

"Your CD is wonderful. I really liked all the different voices you can do, the vocabulary you chose, the incremental endearments, the repeated elements and the stories you selected. The extra voices on one story help to supply variety. I can see why kids would like it. I especially liked the ouzel story because I have a soft spot in my heart for ouzels." —Ann Chandonnet, Juneau, AK. Poet, Journalist, Mother

"All of us at Wallowa Elementary really enjoyed your African presentation at our Book 25 Club get-together. You had the kids hooked, Kathy, with your story. We appreciate your time and expertise and we look forward to having you come to our school again in the future." —The Wallowa Elementary Staff, Wallowa OR

"Thanks so much for your time and talent in storytelling at camp this year. We really appreciate your leading a workshop. It was terrific, and a great experience for the kids! I hope you'll join us again next year." —Jeni Greenshields, Director, Joseph Summer Camp, Joseph, OR

"Thanks for a great performance." —Minnie Tucker, La Grande Parks & Rec. LaGrande, OR

"Kathy has made Greek myths fun, enjoyable and full of delightful surprises! For contemporary audiences unfamiliar with the original stories, these clever and understandable retold classics will surely make listeners want to reach for the books to read more about those legendary characters of long ago—of course, the books can't come close to Kathy's irreverent and joyful retellings. This is a must-listen for anyone who loves the adventure and excitement of the old myths!" —Jackie Baldwin, Host of Story-Lovers World!, KSVY 91.3 FM, Sonoma, CA

"Thank you so much for sharing your storytelling talent with our group. The crowd and noise were far greater than expected but you seemed to have the audience on stage captivated. The storytelling greatly enhanced our success!" —Anne & Angie, Building Healthy Families, Enterprise, OR

"After Emma heard Kathy's stories at school she came home and told them to me verbatim. She played the characters and sang the songs, for days. I've never seen her taken by a story like that!" —Carolyn Lochert-Musician, Mom, Lostine, OR

"My friend loaned me her fancy van to take a bunch of kids to the pool. I turned on the key, the seat began to heat up, the CD player came on and all the kids started singing along. It was my Mom's CD!" —Mindy Hunter, Fairbanks, AK. Teacher, daughter, Mom

"Storytelling artistry, mesmerizing presentations. She has command of an innovative style along with consummate storytelling skill. .. Incredible spirit, humor, wisdom and grace.. Articulate, nurturing, life-affirming—an exceptionally talented artist and educator." —Merna Hecht, Storyteller, Arts Educator, Literacy Consultant WA, School Districts

"Dear Storyteller, Thank you for telling us the storys. I lickde the billegot won it wus gat. (I liked the billy goat one; it was great) " —Frum Tiffany Wallowa, OR